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For India Allen, life has offered up very few surprises - which, when you think about it, is one of the logical benefits of having a psychic for a mother. "My mom is a really good psychic," India says. "She has always told me, 'Your picture is going to be seen everywhere.' In high school I didn't believe her, because I was very tall and real thin." But Mom, a full-blooded Algonquin Indian who has looked into the future for various celebrities and has attempted to help police solve crimes, was more specific -- she even "saw" her daughter's pictures on these pages and urged her to try out as a Playmate as soon as India turned 18. "I didn't have much self-confidence then," admits India, who's now 22. "My mom thought I had a pretty body, but I was chicken." But four years of modeling all over the United States and Europe "has really toughened me up," she says. "It's amazing that being rejected can give you so much confidence, but I've got all the confidence in the world now."

Still, India didn't give much thought to Playboy, despite Mom's early-warning system. The idea resurfaced when her agent sent her to do a small role in a short film parody of Beverly Hills Cop II, playing, appropriately enough, a Playmate in the Playboy Mansion West scene. One of the other actresses, who was perhaps overqualified for the part, was Monique St. Pierre, Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 1979. Even though India and Monique became fast friends during the shoot, India was stunned when one of the producers mentioned Monique's stint as P.M.O.Y., and even more surprised when he suggested that India should consider giving Playboy a call. India turned to Monique for advice, and Monique, after looking through India's portfolio of modeling assignments, turned from friend to unofficial agent, taking her to Playboy's West Coast photo studios on Sunset Boulevard for test shots.

"Once I walked through the doors at Playboy, I felt as if this is where I belonged," says India. "It was really weird." There's been no flak from other quarters, either. Her mother, naturally, is thrilled; her father, who took some of the early photos that helped launch her modeling career, is equally pleased. And her fiancé, veterinarian Bill Garfield, surprised India with his enthusiastic support. "He's a real health fanatic," she says. "That's why he has such a good attitude about it - he's such a body person. His body's perfect." So, apparently, are his scruples - the pair met when India was 18 and he was 35, an age gap so large that he refused to date her. It was only after four years of long-distance friendship that he reconsidered. They now live together and plan to marry in the spring. Once again, India's mom saw it coming. "She always hinted that we would end up together," says India. And, as we have discovered, mothers definitely know best.



Birthdate: June 01, 1965

Birthplace: Portsmouth IN USA

Height:  5'11"

Weight: 127 lbs

Measurements: 35D-24-34


“My mom named me after a legendary old Southern woman, India Allen, who was born with hair the color of India ink, just like I was,” says our Playmate of the Year for 1988. “Mom worried that the name was too exotic, but for modeling, it was perfect.” India Allen has a very special relationship with her mother—a relationship her mother always knew would be as such. “My mom is a really good psychic,” says Miss December 1987 of her Algonquin Indian mother. India’s mom uses her gift for the greater good by lending her psychic abilities to aid law enforcement during their investigations. Solving crimes isn’t the only benefit to having a mother with psychic capabilities. “She has always told me, ‘your picture is going to be seen everywhere’. In high school, I didn't believe her, because I was very tall and real thin,” admits the almost six foot tall brunette. Her mom’s visions were always spot on up until that point, which made India a little nervous about her modeling prediction. “I didn't have much self-confidence then. My mom thought I had a pretty body, but I was chicken,” explains all-natural Miss Allen. “I never thought I would be a beauty queen. I got busty in my sophomore year, but the rest of me just stayed straight all the way down. I didn’t get any curves at all, and I still don’t have many.” Still, India’s mother was certain of her vision and eventually, more details began to emerge—Mom told India that her photos would be printed in Playboy. Voluptuous India was not sold on the idea until she met Playmate Monique St. Pierre during a filming of a Beverly Hills Cop II parody. Miss 1979 personally placed a call with a Playboy photo editor and the rest was history. “Normally, when you make that kind of decision—like whether or not to pose nude—you want to think about it for a few minutes. But, once I walked through the doors at Playboy, I felt like this is where I belong. I never had any doubts.” Once India’s mother saw her daughter’s Miss December 1987 spread in the magazine, she quickly called India to ask her an important question. “Do you want to go in with me on an apartment complex in Florida?” asked India’s mother. India was surprised at the expensive request and informed her mother she wasn’t financially ready to make a purchase like that, to which Mom replied with news of her latest vision. “I mean when you’re Playmate of the Year,” said her mother. This is one psychic who knows what Playboy fans want.






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